Friday, January 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Take 10

Haven't done this for a while, but we spend all our time at the new house and picking out stuff for the new house and screwing up the paint colors for the new house...we just really need to get a bit of something on the blog.

1. The house as of yesterday evening. 1,000% positive this has changed already. These people NEVER stop working! Loving that.
2. Not a lot of snow right now, but we had been playing in it! Kids are happier outdoors. And we like happy kids so much more than grumpy kids.
3. Did some shopping for school uniforms for Miriam. She is so ready! Mommy isn't.
4. Felicity has enough hair for piggytails! So cute. But so goofy.
5. Vivian got a REAL haircut. Mommy just CANNOT cut her hair in a straight-ish line. That couldn't be due to Vivian's inability to hold her head still for more than 4 seconds... Before, during, after (wouldn't open her eyes but did sweetly request suckers to share with her sisters).
6. Tim and Sarah got away for a couple nights with friends from our small Christian community to a really lovely, renovated early 1900's hotel. Highly recommend. Glam. Relaxing. Perfect.
7. The house interior is coming along and the girls are starting to accept that we're going to be living there in the near future.
Mommy picked our a blue color thinking it would make her happy each time she saw it. Wrong. It was bright. Really bright. Neon blue. Anxious blue. So she ran back to the painters shop, got some samples, and we changed our mind. We're going with the middle shade below for pretty much the entire downstairs. It's called Breath a Fresh Air and it really is.
The laundry room is in Coral Gables. Loving it. And loving the trim that's being install around the doors and windows!
Speaking of doors. Tim has a door on his home office. Soon there will be much less noise when he's trying to work at home!
If you want more Quick Takes, check them out here. Happy Weekend!

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