Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas, etc. {The Miniseries, Part 3}

Let's just let this be the last installment of the holiday season recap. Yes, let's.

So we come to New Year's Eve after soooo much Christmas! We cannot let it pass without a party. More family time! Sarah's sisters Annette, Nichole, and Bridget arrive with their husband, boyfriend, and fiance (respectively). 
We played the bring-a-game-and-a-drink-to-go-with-your-game game, again. (Ol' Blue Eyes was there, again, too!) We had lots of fun and played several new-to-us games! Sarah's favorite here; this should surprise no one since she has been saying for some time that being Amish is kind of one of her dreams. Tim's here; Joe (Nichole's bf) is always on the cutting edge of the game scene (we are not.) and he did not fail to bring a crowd pleaser.
--Thank you, Ryan, for your school spirit.--
We had several rousing rounds of Twister. Girls only.
Boys only.
Kisses at midnight and prayers for a blessed 2015!

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