Saturday, January 31, 2015


Thursday was, perhaps, the most exciting day of the home building process so far. The cabinets were installed. Maybe ground breaking day was more exciting, but the cabinets made the home feel like we could really live there. We could move in all our things now!! and the contractors can simply continue finishing the rest of the house around us and all our worldly possessions. But then Tim reminds Sarah that there is no running water yet. And maybe the new neighbors won't appreciate us showering at their house.

*Apologize for the grainy pictures. Our phone cameras don't like all the dust in the air and the strange daylight shadows.
Above, the girls in the downstairs bathroom. This bathroom has as much cabinetry as we have in our current home's bathrooms. Clearly, we're thrilled to have more space in the very near future!!! 
Laundry room with counters!
Laundry room with crazies.
The Vivster.
We all had to touch every single cabinet. And open them over and over again.
We are so happy with how they turned out. Our cabinet maker, Louis, was the friendliest, most helpful man. He gave good advice and clearly loved his product, business, and family. Mommy wanted to hug him when she saw the cabinets (and she rarely wants to hug anyone ever) but he's Amish and we're not sure if that's allowed.
We wanted as much storage as possible in the new house and requested that where ever possible he should go for the ceiling. He was happy to do that as long as he could still make it beautiful - not enough can be said for how proud Louis is of his work! So he gave the cabinets in the bathrooms "furniture feet" to dress them up and at the ceiling there is crown molding.
It's perfect. AND as a bonus, the outdoor crew got the Speer Farm sign up on the ceiling of the porch. It used to be on a barn owned by Tim's family since the mid 1800's and we wanted to incorporate it in our house somehow. We just absolutely love it hanging up there.
A couple of rocking chairs and we're all set!

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