Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Winter's a good time to stay in a cuddle"

Aunt Nichole and Aunt Bridget have been wanting to have a Frozen party for our girls for a LONG time and it finally happened! BIG OLD THANKS to those two! (If you'd like to have a VERY low key Frozen party, check out the Pinterest board.)
Artsy Aunt Bridget made an adorable Olaf to keep us company. Felicity, who's not very familiar with the movie yet, was in love.
We made little marshmallow snowmen in teams - three adult females and three little girls worked out perfectly!
We did some Frozen coloring pages and dot-to-dots, assembled our Frozen puzzle, read our Frozen books, played our Frozen game...thanks to Christmas, we have TOO much Frozen in our home! And then made snowflakes with pattern blocks. Mommy will admit that she skewed all the activities toward educational/building our preschool skill set. But the girls thought it was all the best!
Bridget the Arteest strikes again!
After dinner and a bath, we played pin the nose on Olaf. Daddy was home from work and really got into this game by tying on the blindfold so that no one could cheat!
He also arranged the living room with lots of pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags so we could all cuddle up together for popcorn and the movie. It may have been one of the best days of these three little girls' lives. And their parents and aunts found so much joy in sharing it with them. Sometimes it seems that we need to buy kids more toys or take them more places or meet other peoples' expectations to prove we're giving them the happiest childhood. But they prove time and time again that all they really want is our time, attention, affection, and guidance to make them feel loved.

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