Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas, etc. {The Miniseries, Part 2}

We are almost, almost over the germs we collected during the holidays. Felicity still suffers from her cold and Hand Foot and Mouth. Vivian has a few days left before Dr. Mommy declares her free for public consumption again. (Maybe that sounds weird...) Anyways, we give ourselves until all these children are healthy to stop posting about the holidays. Because as long as we're still wiping a snotty nose, we're still thinking about Christmas, right?

The Saturday after Christmas, all the Wellmans gathered at Sarah's parents' home, except Michael who is still in Bahrain. And the clan seems to be ever expanding. Look at all these lovebirds!
 And these!
 And these!
 Most importantly, these!
Games, drinks, food, Mass, presents, and the annual family picture. The practice shots are to be treasured.
But eventually, we get something decent/good enough/we're not taking anymore.
 Bridget and John requested a picture with their precious goddaughter. She wasn't feeling it.
A special thanks goes out to Uncle Tom and Aunt Annette for the monster sized stuffed dog. Bridget and Ryan loved it so much maybe it shall be re-gifted at their July wedding. Who knows. 
Our girls hit the jackpot: Grandma and Grandpa got them a swing set for the new house!
More, more, more presents despite Grandma's promise every year: "Next year we are really cutting back! We're not going to buy so much!"
Grandpa never echoes her and just loves to watch each person's delight as they open their gifts. As much as her sentiments for simplicity are noble, perhaps she's swimming upstream.

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