Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas, etc. {The Miniseries, Part 1}

We've been suffering from too much partying and too much germ here goes a series of posts trying to catch you up on the holiday happenings. On Christmas Eve, Miriam had the honor of carrying baby Jesus to the manger at Mass.
Felicity and Vivian had their own moments in the spotlight during Fr. Derrick's children's homily...Vivian repeated something to the effect of "Jesus lives in outer space." She loves to be a goofball.
 While we were at Mass, Santa stopped by with a pile of presents.
These little blonde people got right to work playing with their new gifts...
 ...and learning where Jesus really lives.
We spent the next two days with Tim's family and friends!
Tim's parents celebrated their FIFTIETH Wedding Anniversary the day after Christmas! We had a very nice Mass for them and a delicious lunch at a steakhouse in Fort Wayne with the extended family. Our girls were amazed at the salad bar because it had everything including...JELLY BEANS! Phil and Linda are such a wonderful example of faithfulness, perseverance, and love to all of us. We are truly blessed to have them living near.
That evening we got together with Tim's long-time friends. The kids now equal the adults. However, Tim's friends are producing only boys, while we're keeping things all girl all the time. The kids had a BLAST together! But then, so did the adults. When Tim, Tyler, and Brian are together, it's as though they see each other all the time rather than a few times a year.
 Part 2. Coming soon(ish).

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