Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Months

This little Felicity. Good news, she got those two horrible bottom teeth through. Became our happy little girl again! Has started getting really attached to Mommy, but still is excited to see Daddy every night when he comes home. Some evenings she can barely pay attention to her baby food because she's so busy trying to get his attention during supper. All was going very (ok...mostly) nicely. Her naps are still hit and miss, but you win some you lose some. And then she went crazy. She sits.
She crawls.
She crawls into the furniture.
  She pulls herself up a bit.
And then last week Tim went in to get her after a nap and found this just standing there staring at him and laughing. So funny for you, young lady. Not funny for your parents who can barely keep track of two mobile children. THREE mini-people are moving in this house now. Nothing is sacred. We're calling her Baby-zilla. It's probably going to stick.
It's all fun and games until someone goes and tries to walk.

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