Monday, November 4, 2013

Monster Mash

Last week was MONSTER WEEK! A super fun, silly week with pretty much no learning "objectives". Let's be real, real clear. There are RARELY any kind of  "objectives" to what we do around here on a weekly basis. But some natural learning happens along the way when we talk about spiders, for example. They have eight legs, eight eyes, spin webs, etc. Nothing to really learn about monsters, even in passing. So we'll just share with you a few little projects we enjoyed from Pinterest. (Because Pinterest is the same thing as a preschool teaching curriculum, right?)
Project Uno. Make a monster. Mommy just glued down a bunch of googly eyes and let the ladies go wild with the glue, glittery objects, feathers, and crayons.
Both girls thought this was amazing. Vivi even shared her own little monster face.
We made pages and pages and pages of monsters. Mommy even made some! Then we named them. A full hour of monster madness.
 Meet Pinky and Pineapple Monster.
Felicity Feather-hair Monster supervised.
We also mixed up some Monster Slime later in the week. Both girls were not interested in even touching it to begin with. Little too icky. And calling it Monster Slime wasn't much of a selling point. Miriam actually dove in first and was delighted to report, and I quote, "It's not scary, Viv!"
Viv joined the fun. As expected, she loooooved the stuff.
"It feels rainy!" Viv squealed-such a cute little description.
Though it made Mommy worry about Miriam's diet when she said, "It feels like prunes!"
Time to buy some fresh dried fruit for the snack drawer, apparently.


  1. Don't torture your children by feeding them prunes! Those are for old people, silly.

    1. They love them. Only feeding them what they love.