Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Come On Ride the Train

Last weekend we visited Tim's alma mater. Purdue! We have several family members there now - Tim's cousin and nephew and nephew's girlfriend; Sarah's sister and sister's boyfriend. It's a party. So just a few pictures to show you the highs and lows of the trip.
High: Felicity loved swinging at the park near Aunt Bridget's apartment
High: Running through MILES of underground hallways on campus
Low: Aunt Bridget almost "fell" in the trash

High: Purdue tour guides and the girls with founder, John Purdue
Low: Sarah imitates John Purdue
High and Low: Felicity pulls herself up on the hotel furniture but NOTHING is safe from her grasp
High: Older girls are entertained for hours with markers and pictures of the princesses
So that's our weekend in a flash. Oh yes, and we ate at Bruno's. Awesome pizza and some super yummy balls of fried pizza dough called Bruno Bites. Probably going to need to eat those again. Could write a whole blog post just about that place, but we'll spare you. And several other good meals. At least they know how to feed you in West Lafayette. Also, we saw Tim's nephew Andrew. We hadn't realized how long it had been - Andrew met Felicity for the first time! The hotel had an indoor pool so that was a treat. Alright, no more odd details. Bottom line: Daddy was happily in his second homeland. We'll take him back there. It's good for his soul.

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