Saturday, November 2, 2013

She Will Be Loved

That Felicity is one looooved on baby. Her sisters adore her. (Well, her parents do, too. And everyone else who sees her because she's the sweetest, cutest baby in the whole universe.) They cannot stop touching her. We are constantly (hourly?) saying, "Please give the baby her space, girls." PLEASE. Often followed a moment later with, as Felicity begins the suffocated whine, "Get AWAY from your sister right NOW!"
Hurry! Quick hug before rushing out for donuts with Daddy! No! She's holding my hand!
They fight over who will choose her clothes.
Come here, little buddy!
 It is a race to bring her a package of Baby Mum Mum at suppertime.
Isn't shopping the BEST, sister!?!?
Who can pick her sippy cup off the floor the fastest? Who will bring her a toy? Who can fetch her a tissue because it looks like she might sneeze pretty soon? Who's following her around with a burp cloth in case she spits up? It is every kind of miracle that she avoided the last cold that invaded our home. But all this touching is okay. 'They' say babies need to be held a lot. Physical touch is essential to a baby's development. Don't worry about this one, she's got enough touching to get her "developed" through kindergarten.
Viv's still waking up from her nap...Miriam's opportunity to baby-hog.
Felicity has found one trick they don't like: knocking down block towers. She spies the big sisters working on their towers across the room and sprintcrawls to them. Miriam normally sees her coming at yells, "No, Felicity! No blocks! That's a bad baby!" A little baby revenge for all the sister-crazy she's already had to endure. Daddy tried to explain that knocking things down in something babies like to do. Miriam can occasionally be coaxed into building towers just for Felicity to knock down. But...that game gets old quickly. How about another squeeze instead, Felicity?!?!?

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