Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Take 3

We're linking up with Conversion Diary today to bring you the long and short of what's been all around.

1. We got a membership to Costco. Have you seen Veggietales: Madame Blueberry? We have-more than a few times. Mommy walked in and immediately began singing, "Stuuuuuuffffff Maaarrrrt." And then we all (sacrilegious as it sounds) fell in love with the place. There were toys! And tubs of marinated olives! And three pound containers of strawberries (we ate them all already)! And books! And huge hunks of cheese! And awesome prices on the name brand cereal! And tires! And cheap gas! And unfortunately it was Sunday so we didn't get to spend much time considering the beer selection! And the new house is going to have a biiiiiig ol pantry!
And if you're a member and haven't already tried these...well, just do it.

2.  We're trying to teach Felicity to cuddle because all she does is go. Think it'll work? Old dog. New tricks. Could we just have ONE cuddler???

3. Last week was Saint Week. We did a different saint every day: St. Nicholas, the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Therese the Little Flower, and St. Francis of Assisi. Great week with lots of fun little crafts and talk about faith. Good stuff. Anyhow, this St. Francis rebuilding the church craft was a hit because it involved lots of glue and cutting. 

4. This week is Vegetable Week. So we played with M&M's. Because that makes perfect sense.

5. First snow of the season!!! The girls were dressed, bundled, and out in it before 9 AM. All their snow toys...ok, they just have one, the sled...are still in the attic. So they played with beach toys instead. Wild things.

6.  Miriam and Vivian's birthday party was last week. They asked for popsicle cupcakes. Daddy helped out this year and made them beauteous. He actually had a genius idea. The original included toothpicks which would be super yucky to accidentally chew. So instead he suggested breaking up pieces of spaghetti. Brilliant!
Vivian was so excited about her party that she just couldn't sleep during naptime. Which, needless to say, led to this:
Passed out. Daddy tried to wake her gently to blow out her candles. Not well received. But Miriam was thrilled with the WHOLE thing!
Presents made it better. But they were moving so fast during that portion of the night that there isn't a single decent picture to share.

7. AND's that time of year again. We have two three year olds in the house who are NOT twins. It just blows the minds of the collective public when someone asks how old they are. "Three." "Oh! Twins!" "No, they're not twins. Just eleven months apart." "WHAT?!?! Oh my goodness. That's crazy." Maybe. But you should see them playing together at this exact moment. Warms a heart.


  1. Just found your blog via Conversion Diary. Your daughters are SO adorable! And those popsicle cupcakes are brilliant!

    1. Thanks! We think they (the girls and the cupcakes, too, I guess) are pretty great, too!