Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Take 8

Linking up for some Quick Takes:

1. Last weekend, Mommy got to do a day trip to Columbus, Ohio for Kristin's bridal shower!! We went to Xavier together and she's getting married in September. No kids invited. Darn. It. Guess Mommy and Daddy will have to have a weekend without kids. The worst. Accepting applications for volunteer babysitters.
2. Rosaries are the new black.
3. Uncle Michael went back to Bahrain earlier this week. We're hoping to see him again in October or December or next February or next April. You know, whenever the Navy says. Mommy really misses him when he's gone. Miriam really misses Stella when he's gone.
4. Aunt Maria is staying with us this summer part time because she has a babysitting job in our town. WE LOVE IT.
5. Ohhh. This is the best one. A couple weekends back, Tim's sister and her family were in town. We did a double date + Tim's grandma.
6. No wait, maybe this is the best one? Already been posted on Facebook and Instagram, but it needs to live on the Internet forever and ever.
On the left: Sarah (age 18) and Aunt Maria (age 4) in 2002 at our paternal grandparents' home. On the right: Sarah (age 30) and Aunt Maria (age 16) this past Sunday at our parents' home.

7. Just discovered that Felicity has been such a wreck/meanie/cranky-pants/bad sleeper this week because she has two monster molars coming in on top. Baby Tylenol and Hyland's teething tabs coming right up.
We're taking her camping this weekend. Wish us luck.

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