Thursday, June 12, 2014

Probiotics and Other Adventures

Last week the girls had some stomach bug. Which would not go away until we started feeding them these. (And in comparison to what we paid at our local grocery, that price is a deal!) Literally within a few hours, everyone was spending much less time in the bathroom. Thank goodness because 1) it had gone on so long the doctor wanted Mommy to collect a "sample" and drop it off at the hospital lab to make sure we hadn't picked up something on our trip - sorry, but even your Mom doesn't actually want to handle such things - and 2) this week it's Vacation Bible School at church. Both Miriam and Vivian are old enough to attend and wake up asking when we're leaving. Unfortunately, it doesn't start til 5:45 in the evening. Makes for such a long day of waiting.
Today the waiting was less horrible because we went to see the dentist. The two oldest girls got their teeth cleaned while Felicity rearranged Mommy's purse a few times. Miriam and Vivian LIKE going to the dentist. Fancy new tooth brushes, friendly employees, a dentist who jokes with them, toys at the end of the appointment, an opportunity to choose the flavor of polishing paste, TVs in the room on the Disney Junior channel. We don't have cable so they probably think it is a luxurious treat to lay there and watch Princess Sofia. We're comfortable with that illusion.

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