Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Canada Surprise! The Wedding: Part 1

Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom were married this weekend! We traveled to Toronto the Wednesday before the wedding and made good time during the drive. Customs went smoothly - actually the border guard was so friendly we wanted to get a selfie with him or see if he was free for drinks later. Toronto traffic lived up to its reputation and was horrible. We had dinner with Annette, Tom, and Tom's family at their home. We got a glimpse of the bread the parents and couple would share at the start of the reception. It's a work of culinary art.
The girls blew off some steam at a local park after being cooped up in the van all day. They were in awe that something so marvelous could be found in Canada!
We expected to pick up Uncle Michael from the airport at 7:30 that evening. HOWEVER. His flight was five and a half hours LATE. We tucked the girls into bed with a promise they would get to see him in the morning. Mommy took a nap until the Wellman's arrived at the hotel. Tim went to bed while Sarah piled into a huge van with the rest of her family to collect Michael after midnight.

The next morning we took a walk with Aunt Annette, Ryan, Grandma, and Grandpa. Annette spent the majority of the jaunt on her phone ironing out last minute details and texting her beloved. 
The afternoon was a fog of more bad traffic, downtown Toronto confusion, and a family lunch at the Bier Markt. Where we drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of food.
Grandpa and his "newest" sons
After lunch the males peeled away from the group for their own adventures, while the girls wandered around the St. Lawrence Market. Mommy loved it and wished she had a reason to buy up so much of the fresh meats, cheeses, produce, sweets, teas, crepes... But after that ginormous lunch and the promise of more glutenous meals in the future, she just couldn't.
 Mommy was convinced to buy one huge cookie with pink icing and sprinkles!!
While the ladies were doing fun, girly things for the rest of the evening, the boys had a cookout and went to a baseball game downtown. 
Friday morning, we coerced Ryan, being the most silly person we know, into entertaining us for awhile. And he brought his A Game. We can't wait til this guy is a dad - he'll be the best. (We promise we'll make your children giggle for hours on end, Ryan!!!)
That night was the rehearsal and a traditional Ukrainian dinner. Perogies, cabbage rolls, homemade bread, salad, veggies, salmon...all so good. And about ten kinds of dessert all homemade by Tom's very talented mother.
Tom can't wait to have one of his own!
Up next: the wedding!!!!!

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