Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Canada Surprise! The Wedding: Part 2

Where were we...WEDDING DAY! Miriam and Vivian were the fairest flower girls of them all during Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom's wedding which meant prettying and primping. Mommy and Aunt Maria did their hair...
 ...and swept them off to the Land of Bridesmaids.
Special thanks to Kristin for the entertainment!
 Most beautiful bride ever?!?!?!
 Daddy and Felicity had some quality time together.
Can that mess be cleaned up? We'll find out soon enough. Back at the church, the bridesmaids, bride, and bride's family were all set to go!
These two are our next family wedding!!!
We all went out back for a really lovely Parents' Blessing and some pre-wedding photos.
Tim managed to catch Tom's face the moment he saw his bride! The sweetest thing.
 Daddy did turn Felicity back into a clean, dressed up little girl!
 And we somehow got a decent family picture.
Between Tom's Dad, the photographer, and Tim, every movement was documented.
This sweet lady is Tom's grandma, Baba. Baba speaks Ukrainian, Polish, and a bit of English. She is 95 years old, active, and sharp. Despite the language barrier, we were able to communicate about the girls and she took obvious joy in their presence. Baba is someone who is soothing to be near, so we always seemed to be gravitating to her.
Traditional family and bridal party photos, etc. etc. etc. Didn't they have the most beautiful weather!?!?
We'll stop there for now, even though we have NO pictures up yet of the ceremony or the reception. Don't say you weren't warned.

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