Thursday, June 5, 2014

Canada Surprise! The Wedding: Part 3

Promise this will be the final installment of this overdrawn series about Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom's wedding. We've got a lot to cover, so let's hop to. 

Lucky for you, we really don't have any pictures of the wedding ceremony because Miriam and Vivian were flower girls and Mommy was the icon carrier. Meaning she processed in and out of the church with an icon of Mary holding the baby Jesus and then tried to keep the flower girls in line. Miriam kept it pretty calm (she destroyed the flower girl bouquets and then attempted to put petals back onto the stem...didn't work) while Vivian fell asleep on her Mommy's lap. Being a flower girl is hard work. Daddy spent the entire liturgy in the the cry room with an exhausted Felicity who got herself so worked up that she threw up on his suit. Parenting is so rewarding.
Doing her tired thumb-suck-hair-pull
Needless to say, she and Miriam passed out on the way to the reception. They took a siesta in the van while Mommy and Vivian knocked back the pina coladas (non-alcoholic for Viv, of course) during cocktail hour.
Tim's parents were able to make it to the wedding, which was a treat for all of us! After a dinner that was like seven courses, we started dancing!
Tim worked hard to get a picture of Fr. Ben gettin' jiggy with it. Na na na nannana.
As you can imagine, our girls got PLENTY of attention from their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Total party animals.
See Vivian in this picture dancing with a little boy? Yeah, he was hers. If any other little girls tried to dance with him, she broke that right up. Teenage Vivian could really be something to fear.
Sarah's maternal Grandma also made it to the wedding. She's not quite as sharp mentally anymore, so we were all very glad our aunts and uncles made it a priority to bring her.
Around 10:30, our girls were fading fast, but the reception wasn't close to being over yet. In fact, dinner part deux was being brought out. This picture doesn't begin to do justice to the quantity and variety of meats, veggies, fruits, breads, and desserts being offered. 
Before our girls got a whiff of this, we buckled them into the van, took them to the hotel, and tucked them into bed. Tim's mom slept in our room (THANK YOU!!!) while we went back to the reception for more food and dancing.
Aunt Annette had to toss her bouquet three times. The first time it hit a chandelier and never made it to the single ladies. The second time a guy caught it. The third time, a charm, her dearest friend from college caught it!!
Around 2 AM, they called it quits. (Don't even know if that's the correct time. Mommy was sleep walking by that point.)
Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom, thank you for asking us to be a part of your absolutely gorgeous day. It was perfect in every way - just like your marriage will be. We love you!!!

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