Monday, June 2, 2014

A Friendly Weekend

A couple weekends back, we got to hang out with some of Mommy and Daddy's best friends! On Friday night, we saw Bryan and his second little baby who is eight months old, as well as Tyler, his wife, and his BRAND NEW baby! We loved seeing all of them - the girls almost went into a frenzy having TWO babies in the house.
Sorry, Benson, the stretching is a good trick, but you're still not quite Luke's size.
The next morning we jumped in Agnes (that's our mini-van's name - you're familiar with Mommy's naming issue) and were off to Toledo to hang out with some Xavier friends!
The day was a little bit cold and a touch drizzly, but we still had so much fun! The weather meant that the zoo was not crowded and by the afternoon it was sunny. The Toledo Zoo is very kid friendly - even LITTLE kid. All four children in our group were four or younger, so parents were pleased. Toledo is a decent meet-up location for us, so there's a pretty great chance we'll be back. 
Lots of places in and outdoors to climb and run.
Felicity and her Cleveland bff Robbie
 So many opportunities to interact with the animals.
 And you can even become part of the exhibits!
The day went really well until Felicity got in a fight with a tiger. We decided we'd better get her home before someone got hurt.
*Blogging etiquette dictates that we give you fair warning: Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom got married this past weekend AND Uncle Michael is home on leave from Bahrain. Nuclear photo bombs will be dropped on this blog very soon.

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