Friday, October 31, 2014

So far today...

Sometimes having small kids really close together in age is really fun. Really, really fun. And sometimes, it's not. Today is leaning toward the not fun. It's Halloween, a kid holiday and that SHOULD mean we're having all kinds of fun.
This was yesterday.
Except Vivian vomited. And let's just say that she got it on the carpet and kitchen floor and then into a more appropriate spot. And that BOTH of her sisters walked through it. And that Felicity wouldn't stay out of it. So Felicity basically (after being cleaned) got dumped into her crib and told to go to sleep. Which she did, eventually. Vivian took a shower, Miriam's feet were cleaned, the floors were scrubbed, and bedding is being washed (not because it's also disgusting but because Mommy hates the idea of germs maybe living there). 

Now Vivian says she's feeling fine and wants a glass of milk. No, no milk for you, dearest. Is she sick? Did breakfast disagree with her? Is there anyway to know? Not yet...

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