Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Coming Soon: Baby

No, we're not pregnant. But Becca and Eric are! We squeaked in a Couples Baby Shower one week before the due date.
This was our first Couples was nothing like a normal shower...except tons of cute decorations,
 party favors,
 and delicious food.
But the similarities stopped there. We spent the whole night talking and laughing with friends. Just a regular party with maybe too many stories about birthing classes.
NOTE: This is Jill. She is responsible for everything beautiful and delicious at the party. Sarah just fumbled around trying to make herself useful while Jill did all the real work!
 Wait! There was another similarity! Gifts!
 Eric really enjoyed trying everything out...because it's all for him right?
Another NOTE: Jill also made this STINKING adorable hat with a beehive and bee on it for baby. (Becca and Eric are bee farmers. Or whatever it's called.) Seriously, Jill is talented.
And now we just count the minutes until this beautiful baby arrives and we find out who has been hiding in there all these months...boy or girl?!?!?! Sarah guesses boy, but she's a notoriously bad guesser. So you can pretty much count on a girl.

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