Monday, October 6, 2014

K's Wedding (AKA 24+ hours of sugar for the girls)

Let us begin by saying that Aunt Bridget and soon-to-be-Uncle Ryan were with the girls for the 28ish hours that Mommy and Daddy were in Columbus for Kristin and Aaron's wedding. It was, without exaggeration, 28 hours of pure sugar for our girls. They did not complain. They still rejoice in the silliness and junk food; dreaming of the day when their parents leave them with the sugar suppliers again.
Ice cream and donuts (some with GUMMY WORMS) on repeat for hours and hours.
Selfie with the chocolate iced, cream filled donut
And three hours away...Mommy and Daddy celebrated Kristin and Aaron and marriage. And got to see ALL the Xavier girls and their men.
To say the least, Kristin (and Aaron) planned out every beautiful detail of their big day. 
Even the parts they couldn't control were perfect! Lovely blue skies at the prettiest venue in downtown Columbus...
...and a fabulous sunset.
Sarah cannot begin to say how happy it made her to see all these wonderful women again. It's literally been years since we've seen some of them and the reunion was so sweet. 
Husman 210 re-united. Freshman Year. Random Roommates. Soul Sisters.
Jenna, Stef, Sarah, Amanda, Amber (and baby girl), Alexis
ALL of the best.
Ah! So happy!
But the wedding! They cut the cake (and were NICE about it!),
fed the crowd, listened to the speeches, and let the party happen.
Maybe they could have a first anniversary vow renewal!?!?! We need to do this again. SOON.

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