Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Little Miracle Happened

Becca and Eric had their baby!! They have waited so long for a baby to hold! Their own little miracle of life.
Here he is! It was BOY: Leo! That means Mommy actually guessed CORRECTLY. Kinda amazing - another miracle, if you will. Maybe three girls in, she's finally getting good at this.
In any case, we got to visit him in the hospital and cuddle him and he is the sweetest thing! Felicity didn't even get too jealous when Mommy had her turn with Leo. That right there is a miracle, too.
Look how thrilled Vivian is to hold Leo! She just LOVES him so much!
 Tim dressed to match Leo. So tiny!
Miriam could have just eaten him up! Felicity, too, if Eric hadn't given her a Dum Dum. Their whole family is home and healthy now...and soon we're going over there to squeeze him again!

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