Thursday, October 2, 2014

Birthday Boy

Tim turned 34 this week. He is still completely surrounded by women. But they all love him A LOT.
If Tim isn't home at bedtime to tuck them in, the two older girls require a solemn promise from their mother that he will come in to tell them good night as soon as he gets home. Even if they are sound asleep, Tim always tiptoes in to whisper goodnight and give them the peace of Christ. When he leaves for work in the morning, Vivian is usually begging him not to go. She just neeeeeeeeeds her Daddy with her all day! Her world would be perfect if she could sit in his lap - warm and cozy forever. Actually that would be a pretty perfect day in his book, too. Miriam is always trying to impress Daddy with her reading skills, her coloring skills, her baby watching skills, her block building skills...his approval is already so important to her and he goes overboard praising her for all these talents. Felicity is equally obsessed with Daddy. This morning when she woke up, he was already gone for work. Cuddling in bed with Mommy and her morning cup of milk, Felicity could not get comfortable. Miriam crawled into bed with us, too. Suddenly it dawned on Felicity what was missing: Daddy! She threw down her cup and started searching for him, pushing Miriam out of the way, saying, "Daddy!" over and over. Nope, he wasn't under Miriam. Felicity started throwing the pillows off the bed. Nope, not hiding under there. Mommy tried to explain that he was gone to work, but Felicity just wanted her Daddy! When he gets home tonight she'll be one happy girl.

On Monday, Mommy surprised Daddy with a babysitter and a date to get wings with friends. When the girls found out, they were disappointed they weren't coming, too. But decided that when they grew up and married Daddy, they would get to go on dates with him for his birthday.

All this is really to say that the women he's surrounded by are the luckiest and we know it.

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