Sunday, October 19, 2014

Doing Everything

Have you been reading the news? If so, you can't have missed the suffering that's happening in our world right now. Those who are sick, suffering, and dying. Those who are lonely, lost, and hopeless. Those who are being persecuted and martyred - even the most innocent. And sometimes it's hard not to feel afraid and helpless despite Jesus' command and assurance to NOT be afraid. We can beg God to have mercy on all these hurting people and to swoop down and save them, but to be perfectly honest those prayers just don't seem like enough right now. We can give more, but there are just some it won't reach fast enough. We can do more, but we can't uproot our children and put them in harms way. It's all, clearly, beyond our control. But with these feelings, we are grateful.

For healthy, active children.
For the men and women protecting our freedoms and the freedoms of people so many miles away.

For our mental health. For a warm home that's not under attack or in a refugee camp. For so much more.

Because these gifts are not the reality of so many people. We're spoiled, it's no secret. By loving family members and stable work and friendships. By a stocked pantry and means to buy more at the well supplied grocery. By a good God, a family of faith in our home town, and a country that is free. By an imperfect marriage that is full of love and trust.

We're blessed, in spite of our small, petty, perceived suffering. And in faith, we're praying for all those who are crying out, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me." 

"Don't ever say, 'All I can do is pray.' Prayer is not a small thing; it is everything."

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