Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blood Alert

So if you don't like blood, this is not the post for you. Just skip it. Shield your eyes. Whatever you need to do. But if you're ready to dive in, here we go...

On Tuesday, Miriam hit her head on the corner of the coffee table. OUCH. Huge ouchie. She told her Dad, "We were doing somersaults on the couch...and then I hit my head." Yes, that sounds like something we've told you not to do. Nevermind about that. She did it, fell off the couch, hit her head. It was a deep wound, but nothing that was gushing blood. It was the depth that led Mommy to call Daddy and then the doctor. See that hole right in the middle of the wound? Pretty sure we could see her brain in there.
The front desk lady, who is always super nice, said to bring her in and let the nurses have a look at her. So off we all sped. And Miriam, who has always been a Mommy's girl, wanted Daddy to drive her to the doctor and hold her hand the whole way there! That was kind of a break through! Miriam's biggest concern during this part of the ordeal: "Will I have to get a shot?" As her parents, we couldn't promise that wasn't going to happen and had a hard time reassuring her everything was going to be okay.
But our favorite nurses in the whole world (except Sarah's aunts, of course), said it was a deep one, but not wide so maybe they could avoid a stitch if she would be able to leave this piece of medical tape on for a few days. They taped it closed and gave her a popsicle.
Life was pretty much tolerable again. Thank goodness. And she's managed to leave the piece of tape alone, so we dodged a shot.
Oh, and Viv got a popsicle, too. All is fair and just in this world, after all. Never, never, never a dull moment.

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