Sunday, August 11, 2013

Literal Hunger Games

No one was hurt...just hungry. And then very, very full of sugar!
So these three sisters, Maria, Sarah, and Nichole, made cupcakes.
And this guy was the judge. A very professional, unbiased judge.
We're scared of Nichole's ripped arms, too. Guess the girls know not to mess with her when she's babysitting.
So after lots of mixing, baking, testing, and icing. Naturally, there was the eating.
There was the very lovely blackberry cupcakes presented by Maria.
 The tasty lemon blueberry cupcakes by Nichole.
And the churro cupcakes (not be be confused with chorizo cupcakes). Made by Sarah. And declared the WINNER by Tim! As we said, professional and unbiased. Make them (all), you won't regret it.

A special thanks goes out to Pinterest. We couldn't do it without you, friend.

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