Friday, August 16, 2013

Inaugural 7 Quick Takes

So we're linking up with Conversion Diary for the first time...mostly because it seems like a fun, fast way to update on everything we've been up to recently. We've got enough for 14 Quick Takes but you've probably got better things to do. Let's begin, shall we?

1. It's that time of year. Corn on the cob time. Yum. And Viv doesn't really like corn on the cob. WHO IS THIS CHILD?? But Miriam LLOOOOVEEEEESSSS it and snatches Viv's when she can. Felicity hasn't stated a preference yet. When Viv's not eating her corn, she's making mustaches. Wheels are always turning in there.
2. Look at this cool fungus. It's growing at Tim's grandparents house. Fun stuff. Could we have a Fungus Week? Doubtful. Tim hates mushrooms. As The Beast would say, "It is forbidden!"
3. We've also been spending some QT at the pool at Tim's grandparents' house, even though it is rarely above 80 degrees. The ladies love the fudge pops. So we do it.
4. This little girl (seen here with her Papa) used to just suck her thumb. Now she's putting her whole hand in her mouth, gnawing, drooling everywhere. Teething? Who. Knows.
5. Remember the whining about people saying Viv and Miri are twins? Fine. They do look like twins when they're sitting. (Oh, and we gave them the same haircut.)
But when they're standing, it's another story. Miriam has SUPER-extension legs. And Vivian has an incredibly looooong torso. Turns out Miriam's about a head taller when they're back to back!
Vivian is doing her new pose! She sneaks this into tons of pictures now!
6. We went to the zoo again this week. We're the members who make them hate charging so little for the membership fee. At least one of us knows to look at the camera when Dad says, "Everyone look at me!!!" He didn't even try for a second shot.
7. Last week we went to visit Great-Grandma Wellman with Aunt Bridget. Mommy's not brave enough to do the nursing home with three little people by herself. So many hallways to run away in and buttons to push...Anyways, the girls had an awesome time pretending Restaurant and feeding us lots of delicious meals like spaghetti and meatballs, fudge ice cream, oak tree salad with raspberries and cheese, chicken with powdered sugar, etc. Hilarious. Grandma still has her sense of humor and enjoyed every minute. That's a blessing.

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