Sunday, August 25, 2013

Car Week

We had a little theme week(ish) around here recently...been pretty busy so we made it last three weeks. The girls didn't mind. As long as we get around to doing something fun every few days, they're content. ANYWAYS! It was CAR WEEK! Daddy's specialty. He loves cars and wanted to be pretty involved in this one. Most importantly, he gave the girls a tour of his (beloved) car including under the hood and inside. He also let them take a ride up and down our very short driveway.
They thought this was pretty magical...even Felicity got into it!
We borrowed Grandma's expansive collection of toy cars and drew a little town on some easel paper. If you can look past Mommy's less than perfect artistic abilities, you'll be awed at how much the girls enjoyed this!!
Hours and days of playing until the first town was worn out and ripped up. Then we drew another one. And another.
How do a couple little girls play cars? You guessed it. They make car families. "There's the Mommy car and the Daddy car and the Baby car. And this is their house." There wasn't really any sound making, "VROOOOM! SREEEEEEECCH. CRASH!" Don't care what people say about kids and gender toys and blah blah blah. Boys and girls are equally adorable but very different.
Another activity they loved: car wash. We let them take a bucket of soapy water outside with a couple old rags to wash their "cars".
Bubbles + water + little girls = let's do it again!
P.S. Check out Viv's outfit in the picture above. She LOVES to dress herself but seems to have a broken thermostat. Her uniform this summer has been anything fleece, long-sleeved, pants. Inside out and backward more often than not. But we love the independence, so we just smile.

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