Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bring Me a Dream

We've had some t-i-r-e-d children around here. Lots of partying this weekend: picnicking with friends, picnicking with our church group, celebrating Aunt Nichole's birthday, normal weekend stuff, etc. Wiped out.
We're kinda strict about naptimes around here. 

Don't like overtired kids + like a bit of midday peace and quiet = naptimes trump all. 

Except when they (very rarely) don't. Which was this weekend. We've never had a kid just pass out in a public place. But on Saturday, Felicity couldn't take another moment of the fun at the park. She was a laying on a blanket when she popped that thumb in her mouth and sailed off to Dreamland. It was probably the most adorable thing we'd ever witnessed as parents. She's an angel.
And HUGE Happy Birthday to Aunt Nichole! She's now the big 2-3 and is starting a new job this month as a high school geometry teacher at the same school that Sarah and her siblings attended!
Back to the tired children. Vivian refused to nap today. She stayed in her room just playing, reading, and singing for over an hour. But didn't sleep. Her loss. After naptime, Mommy took the girls to swim in Mema and Pepa's pool. It was chilly...the water was warmer than the air. (Will the real Summer Weather please stand up?) So during a warm up session on Nana's lap, Vivian nodded off. At one point she was even snoring. Amazing. The most active child on the face of the Milky Way slept when she could have been splashing her sister! Miraculous!

P.S. Isn't picnicking a weird word? Why the "k"?

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