Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Four Months!

Felicity turned four months old on the 6th!
Yeah, that's a size four diaper (same size as Viv)...she wears them to prevent any nighttime leaks. That's not lazy. That's genius.
Cutest rolls. And eyes. And little wispy hairs on her head. And toothless smiles. And...
You get the picture. We love every little inch of this child. She is generally so happy! She rolls over both ways, does her little pushups to get her head and chest off the floor to look around, and watches every move we make. She's even starting to reach out for things and shove them in her mouth. Her best trick: when Mommy is taking a drink of water, Felicity leans in and and smacks her lips like she needs a sip, too. So Mommy gives her a drink from the glass, but most of it ends up dribbling down her chin. She loves getting Daddy's attention and giving him her best smiles and playing shy baby with him. Felicity is also pretty good at entertaining herself for 20 minutes or so at a time while Mom is trying to take care of the bigger girls (this must be a learned skill for third babies who are neglected by their very busy parents because we cannot remember Miriam or Vivian being able to do this so early). That mostly involves eating her fingers and squirming off her blanket. Another great development!!! She doesn't hate her car seat anymore!!! Makes the drives to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Fort Wayne unmiserable. Maybe that's a sign she wants us to go on another vacation. She really knows how her parents love vacation...

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