Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Babies Meet (In Which the Mommies Plan the Wedding)

Sarah's bff from college was in town this weekend with her family for a quick visit! You may remember from almost a year ago that Mommy and Amber were pregnant at the same time!
Us: the pregnant days
Their little Robbie is just a month older than Felicity and we finally got to meet him! He is SO happy. Truly, it's unbelievable how very, very little he cries...or even how very little he doesn't smile. He probably smiles while he's sleeping.
It's because he has the most relaxed, fun parents ever. We cannot tell you how much Miriam and Vivian adored Mike, Amber's husband. Especially after he made up the "Swim Diaper on Your Head" game. Hysterical. Maybe they will start praying with Mommy that Amber and Mike pick up and move to Auburn.
And despite being a super busy working Mom, Amber never complains about anything. She just rolls with whatever Robbie needs and enjoys whatever is going on around her.
So anyway, while they were here, we went to the park, on walks, to the pool, and to Mass. All in our minivan. So maybe having a minivan isn't as horrible as Mommy thinks.
Check out the two little carseat mates. Playing with their toys and making the same baby noises, getting a wink of sleep.
And that trip to the pool was Robbie's first time swimming! Like everything else, he was totally chill. Hanging out in the pirate turtle letting the adoring ladies pull him around.
It was the life.

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